Tips for a day of

Klimrijk Veldhoven

Test your climbing skills at one of the four challenges with each their own difficulty. The length of the courses is between the 110 – 170 meter. At the lowest point you will be climbing at 3 meters and the highest point is 8 meters high. There is a challenge for nearly everybody.

Zoo Veldhoven/ papegaaienpark (parrot park)

Zoo Veldhoven will introduce you to exotic wildlife in Veldhoven. Birds and mammals are living in accommodations adjusted to their natural habitat. You will see that a day at the zoo is not only fun but also educational.

Geitenboerke Veldhoven (goat farm)

It is possible to go on excursion at the farm. Here you will be given information about the goats and how they take care f these animals. You will also be given the change to taste a nice piece of goatcheese.

Ballorig Veldhoven (ball pit)

Eindhoven Museum

At this open air museum you travel back in time. You can experience what is was like in Eindhoven a long time ago. During weekends and holidays the museum comes to life with its costumed inhabitants. a fun and educational day out for the entire family.

Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven

The most famous museum of Eindhoven. The museum hosts different collections which change over time. At the reception you can find more information about the collections.

DAF museum Eindhoven

At the DAF museum in Eindhoven you will find about everything there is about DAF. You learn about the history of this company, but you will also see some very exclusive vehicles. The most valuable piece in the museum is the DAF Siluro created by master stylist Michelotti.

DippieDoe Best

DippieDoe is an indoor playground. It is fun for kids of all ages and a great altenative for when the weather is letting you down.

Beekse Bergen

In this Safaripark you visit Africa in a day. You can explore the zoo by foot, by car, by bus or by boat. It’s a great experience for the entire family.


De Efteling is the best attractionpark in the Netherlands. With the many different rides it is fun for people of all ages. Everybody will enjoy their day at this park.


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