At restaurant Witven you come for a tasty lunch, but also for a rich dinner.

Our menu has been specially composed so everyone in your company
can make a delicious choice.

Do you want to eat with a larger group? Take a look at our groupmenus.

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Soup of the day € 4.25

Daily changing fresh soup to the season

Forest mushroom soup € 4.25

A lightly bound soup with garden herbs

Tomato soup € 4.25

Homemade vegetarian soup



Beef carpaccio € 9.25

With truffle mayonnaise, arugula and Parmesan cheese

Salmon tartare € 8.50

With lemon mayonnaise and pickled cucumber

Shrimp cocktail € 7.50

Norwegian shrimp with cucumber and cocktail sauce



Baked king prawns € 7.75

In a spicy sherry cream sauce with sundried tomatoes and garlic



Goat cheese salad € 7.50

With bacon, nuts and honey dressing

Ceasar salad € 7.75

With chicken, egg, croutons and capers

Salad Caprese € 7.75

Vegetarian salad of lettuce with mozzarella, tomato and basil oil

Tasting of starters € 10.50

For those who can not choose



Served with wedges and a fresh salad

Chicken skewer saté € 10.50

From tender chicken thighs, with homemade satay sauce and Oriental garnish

Pork tenderloin € 15.00

With mushroom sauce and seasonal vegetables

Entrecote black garlic sauce € 19.50

Grilled entrecote with black garlic sauce and green vegetables

Burger Witven € 12.50

Hamburger of 100% beef with lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickle, onion and tomato chutney

Steak € 18.00

Fried steak with a truffle sauce and grilled vegetables

Salmon fillet € 18.75

Baked salmon fillet with spicy Hollandaise sauce and seasonal vegetables

Sliptong € 17.50

Classically baked with butter sauce and parsley, with salad and carrots

Oriental duck € 19.50

Stuffed duck with matching Oriental sauce

Tagliatelle with pesto € 12.50

Vegetarian dish with sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and arugula


Our seasonal main courses can be found on the chalk boards.



Seasonal fruit with sorbet ice cream € 5.50

Hazelnut tart with ice cream € 7.50

Chocolate mousse with ice cream € 8.00

Dame blanche € 6.50

Cheese plate € 8.50



Children’s tomato soup € 2.75

Children’s mushroom soup € 2.75

Ham with melon € 4.50

A fresh piece of melon with artisanal ham



Served with wedges, applesauce and a fresh salad

Chicken skewer € 7.75

Skewer of pork tenderloin € 8.75

Salmon fillet with Hollandaise sauce € 9.50

Crunch € 5.75

Mini-frikadelletjes € 5.75

Children’s burger € 6.75



A treasure box from our ice cream freezer € 1.40

Children ice cream with vanilla ice cream € 3.25





Soup of the day  € 4,25

Mushroom soup  € 4,25

Tomato soup  € 4,25



Carpaccio  € 5,75

Salmon  € 5,75

Ham  € 4,25

Cheese  € 4,25



Clubsandwich   € 7,25

Chicken, bacon, egg, cucumber, red onion and tomato



Ceasar salad   € 7,75

Chicken, egg, croutons and capers

Salad caprese  € 7,75

Mozarella, tomato and bail oil



Eggs sunny side up with ham and cheese  € 7,50

3 eggs with ham, cheese and bread

Ben’s burger  € 9,50

Badass burger with onion, egg and a spicy barbecue sauce

Luxurious twelve o’clock  € 12,50

Croquette, sandwich with carpaccio, cup of soup and a fried egg

Shared lunch  € 9,50 p.p.

Etagere with several luxurious mini sandwiches with salmon and mozarella/tomato, mini clubsandwich, shrimp croquette, chorizo croquette and mozarella sticks




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