Our restaurant is ideal for group dinners, we have a beautiful family room. 

Would you like to enjoy culinary delights in a casual atmosphere with family, friends or colleagues? Then take a look at our specially composed menus for groups from 15 people. Everyone can choose from different delicious dishes per course at a fixed rate. 

GENDER MENU € 28.75 p.p. 


Served with baguette and dippings 

Vitello tonnato 

Carpaccio of salmon-fried caper-mustard-dill sauce 

Creamy paprika soup with mascarpone 


Served with fries and a fresh salad 

Sea bass fillet saffron sauce

Pork tenderloin medallions with bacon – cream sauce

Ratatouille au gratin with brie – tomato sauce


Grand dessert with mousse, ice cream, fruit and whipped cream


RUN MENU € 32.50 p.p.


Served with bread and dippings

Beef carpaccio–Parmesan cheese–truffle mayo seed mix

Salad with smoked salmon – avocado – dill cream

Creamy mushroom soup


Served with fries and a fresh salad

Round steak with port gravy

Skewer with garlic prawns

Vega quiche with vegetables – cambozola – walnut


Grand dessert with mousse, ice cream, fruit and whipped cream


Would you like to make the evening more active by means of a dinner game? Which can! We offer various dinner games. This way you have a pleasant evening with a game of your choice. Between the rounds of the 3-course dinner you play the chosen dinner game under the supervision of a professional game leader.

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