Snack package

Snack package

For parties of over 20 people

Snack-arrangement reception 1,5/2 hours € 3,50 p.p./ reception 4 hours € 5,75 p.p.

  • Warm snacks “out of the oven”; Several kinds of croline stuffed with for example meat, fish and mushrooms. 2 pieces p.p.
  • Bittergarnituur (selection of snacks); With for example meatballs, bitterballen, chicken snacks, small satays, small frikandellen, Hai Fong meatballs. 2 pieces p.p. or 5 pieces p.p.

Snack-arrangement deluxe, afternoon or evening party  € 8,50 p.p.

This arrangement will be served at parties of 4 hours, 6 snackss p.p.

  • Glass with marinated chicken salad and a glass of mozzarella salad
  • Shrimp tails with chili sauce
  • Spring roll; Small spring roll stuffed with vegetables and chicken
  • Bitterballen; Cas Spijkers-bitterballen (meat balls)
  • Petit crolines; Stuffed with beef, fish or mushrooms


Additions snack-arrangement:

  • Plate with Dutch cheese, dry sausages, olives and dates on the table (€ 1,75 p.p.)
  • Extra snack mix standard assortment (€ 0,60 per piece)
  • Extra petit crolines (€ 1,10 per piece)
  • Glass of Carpaccio (€ 2,25 per piece)
  • Glass with Dutch shrimp-salad (€ 2,25 per piece)
  • Crostini’s with smoked salmon, eel, abbey cheese or egg salad(€ 1,25 per piece)
  • Extra snack mix Japanese (€ 0,90 per piece)

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