Cycling and hiking

Wonderful cycling and walking experiences

Most of our visitors, young or old, are very enthusiastic about the cycling and walking possibilities around Witven. The nature in the surrounding area doesn’t need an introduction. The flora and fauna in the “Kempen” are doing very well with the protection they receive. You can enjoy the beautiful nature in peace.

There are biking-routes which you can follow the moment you leave the campsite.  There are overview signs along the bicycle network which you can use to guide you through the nature in our area.

Rent a bike
At the reception desk you can rent a bike. We can provide a baby seat if needed. Of course, we only have a limited number of bikes and baby seats.

Walking routes
There’s also a couple of walking routes which you can follow starting from the campsite. You can request a hiking map at the campsite’s reception desk.

Let the beautiful nature surprise you, with a walk beside the river “de Dommel” as well as other locations.


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