Regulation Witven


Version 05/01/2023

Your arrival on site

On arrival, report to the reception where you can find out about the applicable rates to avoid misunderstandings. Place your tent/caravan, in consultation with the manager, as much as possible in the middle against the back of your pitch. All structures other than tents/caravans are not allowed. To prevent damage to pipes and cables, digging trenches and holes and driving piles into the ground is prohibited.


You may take your car to your camping pitch to place or remove your caravan/tent. Furthermore, your car must be parked on the paved parking spaces. Please do not use your car to move around the campsite itself. Mopeds are only allowed on the site with the engine switched off. From 24:00 to 07:00 no motor vehicles are allowed on the campsite. The barrier is closed during this time. If necessary, you can use the car park in front of the barrier, with the exception of the exit lanes at the reception, which are only intended for reception visits.

Charging electric car

Charging your car is only allowed at the designated charging points. You are not allowed to charge your car at your camping pitch/chalet.


Dogs/cats running loose are not allowed: they must always be kept on a leash of max. 2 meters and must be walked as far as possible outside the campsite. If, due to circumstances, your pet does its business on the camping site, you are obliged to clean it up immediately. Pets are definitely not allowed at the recreational lake. Dogs/cats that have not been vaccinated against rabies are not allowed on the campsite. Finally, would you like to point out to your visitors that they are not allowed to bring a pet.


Keep the grounds and buildings clean and do not damage them. Please do not let children under the age of 6 use the toilet, washing and play facilities without supervision. Please report irregularities. The water taps present on the site are only intended for obtaining drinking water. Do not rinse laundry at these taps and do not clean any dishes and certainly not toilet buckets (empty the latter in the chemical toilet room of the toilet building).

Waste collection

We use an environmental station at the barrier for separate waste collection. Waste separation is possible via: glass container, paper container and a residual waste container (in closed garbage bags using a sep-card). You can offer small chemical waste at the reception.

Solar panels

Our guests are allowed to use solar panels if they have been installed by a recognized installer. Returning energy to our network is not permitted.


Sound equipment and t.v. are only allowed if they cannot be heard on the adjacent space. From 24:00 to 07:00 there is a full night’s sleep and you may only stay in your own tent or caravan.

Filling swimming pools

It is not allowed to fill your own swimming pool with water. On the one hand for energy-conscious considerations, on the other hand from a safety point of view.


These must always be reported to the reception. They have access to the campsite from 09:00 to 22:00 and are expected to be aware of the rules that apply to the campsite, etc. Visitors’ pets are not allowed.


Open fires are strictly prohibited. Barbecuing is only allowed in the designated grills.

Insofar as not described in these regulations, the following rule applies: do not cause a nuisance to others and adhere to the normal rules of conduct.


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