This regulation is meant to make your stay at our campsite – and the stay of our other guests- as pleasant as possible.

Arrival at our campsite

At arrival you have to go to the reception desk where you may request the up-to-date prices. You can place your tent or caravan, in the middle at the backside of your pitch. All constructions other than your tent or caravan are prohibited.

To prevent damage to the pipes and cables it is also prohibited to dig ditches or put poles in the ground.


You can bring your car to your pich to place or remove your tent/caravan. Any other time you have to park your car on the designated parkingplots. Please don’t use your car to transport yourself around the campsite. Mopeds are allowed when the engine is turned off. Between 24.00 and 07.00 ‘o clock it isn’t allowed to drive any motorised vehicle. The gate is also closed between these hours. When necessary you can park your car outside the gate, on the parking.


Dogs and cats without a leash are prohibited: they have to be on a leash of max. 2 meters at all times. Please walk your pet as far away from the campsite as possible. If your pet does their “business” on the campsite you have to clean this up right away.

Pets are never allowed near the beach and lake!

Dogs and cats which aren’t vaccinated for rabies are not allowed on the campsite. Please keep in mind that your visitors aren’t allowed to bring their pets with them onto the campsite.


Keep the terrain and buildings clean and please do not damage them. Children younger than 6 years need to be acompanied to the sanitary building and playgrounds. Please notify us if something is wrong.

The watertaps on the campsite are only meant for getting drinking water. Please do not rinse your dishes here, and definitely do not empty your toilet here (toilets can be emptied in the sanitary building).


We collect the garbage seperatly at the station outside the gate. You have to split your garbage between, glass, paper and cardboard and any other garbage. You have to put the waste in closed garbagebags.

Small chemical waste you can bring to the reception desk.


Sound equipment is only allowed if your neighbours can’t hear it. Between 24.00 and 07.00 ‘o clock you can only be inside your tent or caravan and no noise is allowed.


Visitors need to announce theirselfs at the reception desk. They have access to the site between 09.00 and 22.00 ‘o clock and need know the rules of the campsite. Visitors aren’t allowed to bring pets.

At last

Open fires are prohibited at all times. Barbecueing is allowed in an actual barbecue.



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