Our village Veldhoven

Veldhoven is a city with on one side the city of Eindhoven and on the other side the open spaces of the Kempen. Veldhoven is for that reason called “the gateway to the Kempen”.

There are many things to see in Veldhoven…

Zandoerle and Oerle

The marketsquare in Zandoerle is almost rectangular and is surrounded by farms and a chappel. At the square itself you will find a canon which has been used during several wars and therefore has a significant historical importance. During christmas you will find one of Veldhoven’s biggest Nativity scenes.


According to many age old stories, a long time ago many gnomes, also called “aardmennekes”, lived in Veldhoven. These little guys were greatly loved by the people, because they worked very hard at night. People would leave coins for the gnomes and the next morning several tasks would be completed. The most famous gnome in de Kempen was King Kyrië, whose statue can be found in Hoogeloon.This beloved king was however killed in cold blood by a hunter. After the gnomes heard this sad news about their king, they left de Kempen and have never been seen ever since.

Now there is a cycling tour called “searching for gnomes”, which is available at the Tourist office in Veldhoven. The tour takes you to all the places where gnomes historically lived. In de Goorstraat in Veldhoven you can find a house whose garden is completely filled with gnome statues.


City Centrum Veldhoven has been awarded most appreciated shopping center in the region. This isn’t surprising if you take into account all it has to offer. There are 2 supermarkets and many many other shops. There are several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal, lunch or just a cup of coffee. More shoppig? No problem? In Veldhoven you will also find de Kromstraat. In this street there are even more shops, restaurants and another supermarket as well as 2 bakeries.

More information is available at the tourist office, which is situated in the library of Veldhoven on the ground floor. 

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