The city of Eindhoven

Eindhoven is unmistakeably the most adventurous city in the south of The Netherlands.

As the country’s fifth-largest city, it offers everything you need to make life enjoyable! A bustling city centre with a huge variety of shops, numerous bars, pubs and restaurants, welcoming terraces, a lively nightlife, an overflowing events calendar and art and culture of the highest quality! But Eindhoven also has a rich historical background; at first sight it may seem like a young and modern city, but it is actually one of the oldest in The Netherlands! Let Eindhoven surprise you….

Old city with modern looks

Walking through the streets of Eindhoven you will see a young, modern city. But looks can be deceiving… Eindhoven is in fact one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands and has a very interesting history! It received city rights back in 1232. A lively cigar and textile industry developed along the Dommel River. In the Villa park (city centre) you can still see the imposing villas and mansions built by industrialists who settled here.

And then there was light…

The creation of the light-bulb in 1891 and the first DAF truck a little later was the beginning of the development and flourishing of the city. Since then Eindhoven has grown to become one of the most prominent cities of Europe in the fields of technology, knowledge and design.

Shopping and nightlife

With the covered shopping centre ‘De Heuvel Galerie’, Piazza Centre, large department stores including the exclusive ‘De Bijenkorf’ and an extensive selection of boutiques an specialist shops, the centre of Eindhoven is the most bustling shopping centre in the South of the Netherlands. Eindhoven has a compact and lively city centre. People go out and nightlife takes place mainly in five different ‘going out areas’. These areas, each with its own atmosphere and character, are all within walking distance of one another in the city centre.

For more information: http://www.thisiseindhoven.nl/do



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